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Best Interview Questions on SAP MM (Material Management)

Fantastic opportunity for SAP MM students, as well as for junior SAP consultants, a list of Best Interview Questions on SAP MM (Material Management) are available here to creak interview. Here you will find common interview questions for special procurement, purchase department, material masters, vendor management, service procurement, inventory management,
material release manager, account determination, automatic account determination and many more. These questions are provided by SAP experts who have enormous skills over sap integration and hand on experience in live project. 

SAP MM Interview Questions on following topics:

General/Organizational Elements/Master Data
Purchasing / Optimization / Customzing
Inventory Management (incl. Special Procurement) / Physical Inventory
Customizing incl. Message Determination
Materials Planning
Account Determination/Valuation
Invoice Verification (incl. Customizing)


What are the organizational levels of the in R/3 Enterprise Structure ?

A mast ask question in SAP MM Interview, Organization is very important for all SAP MM training consultants.

The top level of the organizational plan is the Client, followed by Company Code, which represents a unit with its own accounting, balance, P&L, and possibly identity (subsidiary). The next level down is Plant, an operational unit within a company (HQ, Assembly Plant, Call Center, etc.). The Purchasing Organization is the legally responsibly group for external transactions. This group is further subdivided into Purchasing Groups.


What conditions are “planned orders” created and converted?

Did you know the answer of the following questions frequently asked by the SAP interviewers to fresh SAP training completed consultants. 

  • Under what conditions are “planned orders” created? 
  • What may planned orders be converted to and how is that conversion accomplished?

Planned orders are always created when the system creates an internal procurement proposal. In the case of vendor procurement, the MRP Controller may create a planned order or directly create a PR. The next step for a planned order is to be converted to a PR so it goes to purchasing and is to eventually become a PO. A planned order can be converted to a PR using transaction code MD14.


What MRP procedures are available in MM-CBP

Did you know "What MRP procedures are available in MM-CBP (Consumption Based Planning)?"

Various type of material planning methods are used in MRP (Material Requirements Planning). 

  • Reorder point procedure (VM)
  • Forecast-based planning (VV)
  • Time-Phased materials planning (PD)

These are specified in material creation (MM01) under the MRP 1 tab.


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